Fuck Yeah! Portugal. The Man
seems like you've been into ptm a while. theyve been my fave band and live show since 2006 (when church mouth came out). im really disappointed in evil friends, theres only a couple songs i like enough not to skip. ive seen them live twice since it came out and they dont play any songs off of waiter or church mouth anymore, for the first time ever (ive seen them 10+ times) and it really, really bum s me out. do you think they never will from here on out? they also just dont jam out anymore an

Personally I wasn’t the biggest fan of Evil Friends either. But you can’t turn down a chance to work with Danger Mouse. The guys are better musicians because of it. I’m optimistic for their future releases.

They’ve played well over 1,000 shows since the start of the band. Playing the same old songs can get old, I’d imagine. You can’t really blame them for playing their newer catalogue. Those old albums are special, but that’s a chapter of their lives that they probably don’t feel accurately represents them as a band anymore. I don’t frequently check their set lists so I dunno if they still play the oldies, but if my memory serves me right, in the tours between In the Mountain in the Cloud and Evil Friends they’d play AKA M80 the Wolf, Chicago, Church Mouth, and Bellies Are Full every now and then.

I do hope their next move is a more psychedelic or progressive album. I think that’s what they do best live. If so, I’d expect more jam based shows in the future. Pure speculation though.


Portigal. The Man | Endangered Song (Sumatran Tiger)

P.TM made 400 copies of a 7” vinyl which will degrade with each listen, aiming to bring awareness to the Sumatran Tiger, of which only 400 exist today.

I actually got an email from Rich the band manager a few days ago confirming I am one of the lucky 400! Still yet to receive it in the mail. Gives me time to buy a record player…

Also this song is awesome. Love me some Kyle O’Quinn and Jason Sechrist.

Do you know where John's sick sunglasses are from? The ones that lift out of the frames?

are you talking about the pair he has in THIS pic? If so, they’re Oliver Peoples Tokyo! If they aren’t the pair you were talking about, message back and we’ll look again especially since he has a ton of sunglasses.


Thanks to the help of a few anons we found the comment that Kane left on one of his Instagram photos.

It’s a shame that Kane had to leave so soon, only officially being a part of the band for this album. And as I’m sure some of you were, I was really getting used to this version…


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Throwback Tuesday of John Gourley taken by girlwolf

Throwback Tuesday of John Gourley taken by girlwolf


Photo by @brockfetch Hangin with the boys @lilsweatshirts @styprpl n’ co


Photo by @brockfetch Hangin with the boys @lilsweatshirts @styprpl n’ co


Portugal. The Man // ACL Fes 2013
© Pooneh Ghana


Portugal. The Man // ACL Fes 2013

© Pooneh Ghana

P.TM on a boat LIVE STREAM from SF

Portugal.The Man - Modern Jesus

Make sure to enter The Urgency Network’s contest for a chance to see Portugal. the Man in SF and on a boat, ENDS TODAY!! Click here

Make sure to enter The Urgency Network’s contest for a chance to see Portugal. the Man in SF and on a boat, ENDS TODAY!! Click here

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